Let’s Talk About The Magic Of Making Up

The Magic of Making Up eBook DownloadBeing in a genuine relationship with somebody whom you truly love leaves you with a wonderful feeling. This is because, anytime you have challenges, you will always have a shoulder to lean on. You will have someone who will give you encouragement so that you can keep going. A good relationship will not just come by. It must be made.

And, when things aren’t going so great, or when you’re feeling like yours is beyond repair or hope, well… along comes a nifty little eBook that we think can help. It’s called The Magic of Making Up, and it’s by a Mr. T. W. Jackson. Personally, we find his preference for calling him “T Dub” a little bit over the edge,  so we’ll just go with T.W. if that’s okay!

Anyway, most successful relationships have had to go through several break-ups and make-ups. Through make-ups and break-ups, partners get a chance to know each other. When each partner knows what the other person likes or dislikes, the relationship gets better. Various conflicts and rows assist partners to know each other. Below are five ingredients that T. W. says you must know and understand to improve your relationship.

1. Distance creates fondness
Partners need to give each other space. Now, that’s not rocket science as far as we’re concerned, but T. W. Jackson does go into things in a bit more detail, which is good. To create a better relationship, partners must ensure that they do not crowd the spaces of each other. This will give them time to unwind and reflect. Being alone ensures that whenever the relationship resumes, there is renewed vigor and energy. This isn’t just from the relationship’s physical aspect, but from emotional aspects too. An emotionally charged re-union may be the very thing that you require to get going.

2. The risk of losing
You can never realize what you’ve got until you lose it, and The Magic of Making Up does hit on this. A near break up situation might be advantageous; it might assist you in getting things back on track especially if you are being taken for granted by your partner. When they realize that they are almost losing you, they jostle back into your life. They’ll try to show how much they care about you so that you can stay in that relationship. If they still seem too distant, maybe its time to move on?

3. Surety
When someone makes a decision to come back in your life, there is definitely some percentage of surety. This means that they have made a decision to stay with you. This surety will always bring good feelings. These are feelings of care and trust. Partners demonstrate their love to each other by making efforts to reunite. Nobody likes to feel unimportant and unwanted. Anybody will feel good if he/she knows that the other person needs him/her in his/her life; and that he /she finds it important to live with you.

4. Familiarity
For most people, it’s never easy to move on and date another person immediately after a breakup. That’s why The Magic of Making Up doesn’t work properly until you use it properly. Ensure that you capitalize on your partner’s hesitation and ring them back before you lose them completely. Nobody ever wants to date a new person every now and then since it requires too much effort.

5. Decisions made in too much anger
Just in case you broke up when both of you were angry; there is every possibility that you have sobered up and reconsidered that decision. The easiest way of getting out of such a situation talking and hearing each other out. Time spent away from each other helps in cooling down the feeling of betrayal and anger and one begins to think straight. It’s proven that angry people rarely think rationally.

So, at the end of the day, if you like the sounds of these tips – some of which we have to say sound a little bit more like common sense – we think you’d get a lot out of this book.

Finally, T.W. Jackson never claims to be a marriage counselor or expert, but we do have to say that it does sound like he knows what he’s talking about.